Buck in Velvet


This buck cross the trail right in front of me and walked into the woods. He stopped to nibble on a few leaves so I was able to get a couple of shots of him. If I had not seen him walk into the woods, I would not have known he was there because he …

Big Ol’ Buck

Yesterday this big ol' buck visited us for the day. I went out on my deck to photograph him and he certainly wasn't afraid of me. While the does and fawns will run, this big guy just stared me down. Maralee

A Handsome Fellow

When I got home from work on Tuesday, this gorgeous buck was walking around my front yard.  Isn't he marvelous? Maralee

The Buck Stops Here

This fellow was visiting our yard yesterday afternoon.  He's injured - one back leg is broken and he's getting around on 3 legs.  That's not unusual in this area when wildlife live within the city.  But it's very sad, to me. Maralee