Day 290 – Experiment with Succulents


Original photo
Original Photo

These days I’m running out of light.  The sun is setting earlier and earlier and I’m struggling to get outdoors and still catch the light.  I got home later than expected so I just took photos of these succulents in our garden.

I’ve taken photos of these before so I thought I would experiment with a couple of filters in NIK software.  I didn’t have a lot of time so I just used one – solarization.  I will probably play around with them a little more when I have more time.


10 Replies to “Day 290 – Experiment with Succulents”

  1. Lovely .. it’s surprising what filters can do for a photo… took some from a helicopter of a problem area on a golf course… by adding filters I found the wet spots and could solve the problems…

    1. Thanks, Rob. I’m probably going to do more experimenting this winter since I will be indoors more. :-(. There is a dusting of snow on the mountains after the moisture we had the last few days and snow is in the forecast this weekend.

  2. Maralee, just love the color or shade of green in your photos and that little pink shade. Stunning – they are stunning as the ones I got. The last photo is my pick of the day.

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