Yesterday was a windy, rainy day - not the sort of day you want to be outside playing. So I played around in Photoshop instead and experimented with taking some photos, inverting them in Photoshop, and converting them into black and white. What do you think. Inverted Iris:

Tangled Cedar Wax Wings

I took a photo from a previous post  (click here to see it) and thought the Tangled FX app would work well with it and give it an "artsy" look. Maralee

iPhonography: More Tangled FX Experiments

I've been having fun working with the Tangled FX App.  Last night I worked on a dandelion seed. I took the original with my Nikon, loaded it onto my iPhone and tried some different Tangled effects.  Here's the original and the two different effects:Maralee