Something from Nothing?

While I was out taking “focus” photos for the weekly challenge, I saw these weeds through a wife fence.  My intention was to try blur out the fence, but I was too close and it didn’t make much difference.  But I liked how the fence framed the weeds.

"Before" photo
“Before” photo

But it was pretty much a “nothing” shot so I tried to use some different filters in NIK Software and Photoshop.  While it’s not a great photo, it is an improvement.  And it was fun to experiment a bit.

"After" Photo
“After” Photo


6 Replies to “Something from Nothing?”

  1. The filter(s) ate quite nice, but they flatened the shot a bit too much, I think.
    Perhaps you should try to exclude the window frames from the Filter effects, or even to unsharpen the frames more.
    Only a proposal 🙂

  2. I don’t know what a “wife” fence is, Maralee, but it did give me a moment’s pause as I reflected on the rest of the post. 😉

    The weed you captured looks like a huge dandelion, right? It’s called a “Salsify” and comes in yellow and pink, that I know of…also referred to as Goat’s beard…and is very pretty when you find several of them gone to seed with their large globes….

    You worked some very nice magic with your images….

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