Day 169 – Benham Falls and the Big Eddy

Benham Falls
Benham Falls

We took a drive to a couple different places today to take some photos.  Our first stop was at Benham Falls.  There is a lot of water flowing at this time of year and the falls was running strong.  It was hard to photograph because of the severe contrast in lighting.  It was a very bright, sunny day, so the water was quite blowing out.  I tried to compensate by doing an HDR process but even then, it was very difficult.

Base of Benham Falls
Base of Benham falls
Upper area of Big Eddy
Upper area of Big Eddy

From there we went to the Big Eddy, a favorite place for kayakers and white water rafters.  It’s a class III rapids and this time of year it is flowing very strong.  Unfortunately, there weren’t any white water rafters or kayakers going through while we were there.

Along the River
Along the River


13 Replies to “Day 169 – Benham Falls and the Big Eddy”

  1. Nice to see water flowing, means there’s enough to go around… I find photographing water, to get a shot that shows something, very difficult, but yours look great…

  2. So difficult to catch running water with a camera – your last photo is the one I picked because it’s so clear and the colors more true … you’re doing such an amazing job with your camera and you are getting better by the day. Well done.

  3. I must have hit an old link in my email and thought you hadn’t posted in a while. I was concerned! But you’re here and better than ever. Good. love the second to last photo of this series, the tree trunk in the foreground.

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