Day 98 – Sunriver


Finally, a gorgeous spring day.  We took at short drive south to Sunriver Resort to walk around and take some photos.


Sunriver is a destination resort with plenty of outdoor activities.  Because it was such a beautiful day, there were many people out walking or bicycling on their many bike/walking trails.


Some of the facilities are not yet open as it is too early in the season, but within a month, it will be hustling and bustling.


Due to the recent heavy snow and rain, several areas are still puddled with water, which makes for great reflections.


15 Replies to “Day 98 – Sunriver”

  1. Our favorite vacation spot. We rent a condo for the week and hubs golfs while I pursue creative stuff; walks, photographs, drawing and sitting on the deck listening to the music of the pines.

  2. Number 1, 5 and 6…. these are so beautiful dear Tuxedo, you captured amazing reflections and fascinated me so much. Do you have photoshop, you can create such a beautiful watercolour painting images with this program… I can imagine. Thank you, you are doing great shot. With my love, nia

  3. Wov … what a view you have around you .. every day. Stunning. The last is my pick – love the mountain, the bench and the reflections the puddle/water – so beautiful. Can here the silence over here.

  4. Are there any bad days to take pictures up where you live?.. wonderful place you live I must come visit.

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