More Hummers

Maralee_Park_130810_52326-EditI had two hummingbirds who were at my feeders off-an-on most of the day.  

Maralee_Park_130810_52363-EditOne of them has a beautiful gold patch on its throat that would glisten when the sun hit it.

Maralee_Park_130810_52327-EditOne would perch on a branch of a bush and just sit there.

Maralee_Park_130810_52347-EditI caught him sticking his tongue out at me once.


22 Replies to “More Hummers”

  1. Maralee, my heart goes so soft when I look at your photos of those delightful birds. Truly adorable – your photos are so good. I don’t really know what to say. How do you manage to get those photos when they are in the air … just amazing.

      1. Okay, you have the camera on speed shot mode – I have never tried that or sports mode I think it’s called on mine.
        Have to start abusing my camera more. *smile
        Looking at buying a new Canon Power Shot – with 20Zoom – really good deals on now. I have given up the thought about a big camera again.
        And a Hasselblad will never happen. *laughing

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