National Walking Day

small(1)Today is National Walking Day.


As a heart attack survivor, I am acutely aware of how important physical exercise is to maintain good health.  I hope you join people across the country and make time for a brisk, 30 minute walk. National Walking Day is a time for all of us to take a step toward active living and lower our risk for heart disease.

Maralee_Park_130402_44852-EditAccording to the American Heart Association, physical activity is critical to being healthy, but less than 50 percent of adults get enough daily exercise. Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to see the health benefits of physical activity such as lower blood pressure, improved bone health, weight maintenance after weight loss, better sleep, and more energy.

Maralee_Park_130402_44873-Edit Maralee_Park_130402_44876-EditPhysical inactivity doubles the risk of heart disease. Take the first step toward healthy living; gather your friends, family or co-workers and go for a walk.

What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring day.




12 Replies to “National Walking Day”

  1. I walked almost everyday for most of my life. Then, because of my job at the time, I couldn’t, and I felt like crap because of that. I have since changed jobs, and I’m back to walking everyday, rain or shine, and I can’t picture myself ever giving it up again. Congrats on being a survivor!

  2. Wow a heart attack survivor… good for you… I find I’m not getting as much exercise as I did when working on the golf courses, which required at least a once a day walk around… 7 – 8 kilometers.. now I’m behind the computer till we are up and running.. got a bit inactive, but thanks for the reminder on how important it is…

  3. You’re right about walking/exercise being so very important….as we age we sometimes tend to put exercise on a back burner but it’s even more important then. I’m going to try to get better about walking – now that Spring is almost here, I’m feeling the urge! Congratulations on being a survivor.


  4. Did you do walking too …. we have something like this too .. not a special day, but we women join up to walk “go red” – for female hearts and lungs. Didn’t know you’re a survivor.. wonderful.
    Yes, it’s more than more common that women gets attacks too and in very young age. Scary.
    Great day for a walk and for the camera.

    1. Thanks, Bella. I still don’t know why I had a heart attack. I did everything right. I was active (I’ve run 9 marathons, done a triathlon, and some long distance swimming). I eat healthy and have never had high blood pressure or cholesterol. My doctor thinks it was some sort of inflammation at some point that caused some plaque to form. But I’m fine now.

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