Pilot Butte II

On Wednesday I took the dirt trail up to the top of the butte.   It's a little steeper but slightly shorter, too.  It was a cloudy day but the clouds gave a little drama to the scene. Maralee

Pilot Butte I

This time of year is a perfect time to hike up Pilot Butte on my lunch hour.  It's not too hot out yet and it is close enough to my office to allow time to go to the top and back within an hour.  There are three options to hiking the butte . . . …

Where There’s Smoke . . .

We have a couple of wild fires burning both north and south of us, so we have had a layer of smoke surrounding us for several days. These photos were taken from the top of Pilot Butte Monday night while I was there photographing the moon and the sunset. Maralee

Smokey Moon

Monday night was a full moon, and with a cloudless day, I had high hopes of getting some moon shots. I didn't consider the layer of smoke surrounding us from two nearby wildfires.  While the moon wasn't quite as clear as it would have been without the smoke, it gave it a hazy look and …