Day 297 – iPhone Experiment

Processed in iPhone
Processed in iPhone

I just plumb ran out of time today.  I took a quick shot with my iPhone.  A rather uninteresting photo but I liked the color of the tree.  I decided to experiment with the photos.  One I processed on my iPhone with Pic Grunger and Photo Toaster.  The other I processed in Photoshop with an oil paint effect.

Processed in Photoshop and cropped
Processed in Photoshop and cropped

Both are more interesting than the original photo.


15 Replies to “Day 297 – iPhone Experiment”

    1. Thanks, Zelmare. I had to play around with the apps for a bit before I figured out what to do. I have the free version of both apps. They both have pay versions that probably have more selection of things to do but I like to try them out first to see if I like them.

      1. funny we were talking about the old party lines we lived with… two longs and a short ring was ours… and every thing went through the central, and most of the time every one else listened to you conversation… we had one old gran that forgot to close the mouth piece and you knew she was there as you could hear her geese in the background… we as kids would then swear like troopers knowing she could say nothing… yes we’ve come a long way…

      2. Those were the good ‘ol days. My aunt was one of the local operators so if we were up to any shenanigans she would put a quick stop to it. But it was fun. After many decades, I still remember our home number . . . 303

  1. Great results …. Just love that top photo – so clear and warm … full of details and colors.
    Who needs a camera – my old mobile.. don’t take photos – quite happy if it rings when somebody are ringing me. Brilliant job, Maralee.

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