Self Portrait


We had some great shadows just before sunset a couple of nights ago and they made for a wonderful self-portrait. Maralee

Colorful Dusk

Colors on the horizon

We went out last night to practice flying our new drone at sunset. The sunset was a bit underwhelming but when I turned around to get ready to leave, the colors of the sky behind us were incredible. I hadn't brought my Nikon with me so I had to settle for using my iPhone. The …

Miranda Friday

Miranda in her hiding spot

Miranda is a bit of a scaredy-cat. She doesn't like dogs, loud noises, or sudden movements. Her favorite place to hide is one of our supply cabinets. Wednesday we had a dog visiting the office for the day and Miranda spent most of the day in her favorite hiding spot. I was able to get …

Who’s Been Eating our Flowers

Fawn eating flowers

Not a great photo - taken from my car with my iPhone. This is what greeted me when I drove up to the office this morning. Now there is no doubt where our flowers have been going - Bambi has been eating them. Maralee