Day 151 – In My Garden


I’m back to my macro shots today.  I’ve been checking my garden daily to see if there’s anything new growing but I guess a watched garden doesn’t grow.  We do have a few things growing that were planted years ago and keep coming back up.


I planted a bunch of wildflowers and I’m hoping some of them will take.  Right now they are just tiny little shoots that you can hardly see but I’m hoping by summer they are growing.


I couldn’t get very excited about these today, but it was all I could do with the time I had.



16 Replies to “Day 151 – In My Garden”

  1. I love these photos, and do agree, a watched garden is like watching a boiling kettle, it just never seems to like being watched and changes so quick when not watched… Thanks to the salesman of a Macro lens, we get to enjoy his sale and someones else had to pay for it… lol

      1. There is some beautiful weed around .. this time of year. On the path from the station to mums – I find something new every time I walk there, stunning flowers – that is my “wildlife” path.

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