Bringing Home the Bacon (Fish)

There wasn’t very much activity at the nest when I first arrived. Mom was just sitting there and the babies were probably sleeping. Dad was nowhere in sight. The only activity was a gray squirrel running along a log and he didn’t stick around very long

It was getting hot and I was about ready to pack up and leave when I spotted some movement out of the corner of my eye. It was dad bringing home breakfast . . . 1/2 of a fish. As is pretty typical with osprey, dad ate his share first and then brought the rest to mom and kids.

It was funny to watch the three small heads pop up to get their share of the fish. It’s too bad that when mom redecorated she put one of the branches in front of the window to make it more difficult to see her babies.

Dad helped mom feed the babies for a short time and then left to perch on his branch and guard them, leaving mom to finish feeding the babies.

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