Redecorating the Nest

While dad stood watch, momma osprey decided it was time to redecorate the nest. With three new little ones, some changes needed to be made.

Dad keeping watch
Mom’s first trip to gather twigs

She took 2 trips from the nest to gather material.

Second trip

Dad decided he should probably help out and brought back a nice big twig.

Dad brought home a nice big twig

With the two of them working together, it didn’t take long to get the nest the way they wanted it.

Working together

Now mom had time to take care of the little ones.

Mom and the three babies

4 Replies to “Redecorating the Nest”

  1. These are great, Maralee! That built-in perch for dad to sit on and watch over the family is pretty neat. Hopefully these nestorations will help keep the little ones secure. It’s amazing how flimsy Osprey sometimes make their nests.

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