I have been keeping my eye on an osprey pair that appear to have eggs in their nest. Mom has been sitting on the nest for the past month and dad has been standing guard when he's not out getting food. According to other people who have been observing this pair, the eggs should be …


More photos of the osprey hovering over the river. I was hoping it would dive for a fish. Maralee

Osprey and Raven

I was watching the osprey fly up and down the river yesterday morning hoping I would see it go fishing. But before it could do that, two ravens started harassing the poor osprey. They chased it up and down the river until it left the area. Maralee  


Osprey eating lunch

This osprey seems to have caught a nice fish for lunch. It sat there for quite a while munching on it. Now I want to vent a little . . . If you recall from last year, we had a pair of osprey building a nest on a platform by the river. All indications were …