While on the walk with the East Cascades Audubon Society on Friday, we saw three different swallows. They are so fast that it is hard to tell the difference unless you have binoculars. The most common one was the tree swallow, although we also saw barn swallows and violet green swallows. Maralee


Yesterday I went on a bird walk with the East Cascades Audubon Society. It was a stunningly beautiful day for a walk and I got to see a lot of my familiar birds and one or two that I didn't know I had seen before. One of the highlights was to have an osprey pass …

Lesser Goldfinch

I picked up a new bird feeder and some thistle seed to try to lure more goldfinches into my yard and within an hour of putting it up I had three lesser goldfinches at my feeder. Now I can get some better and closer photos of these beautiful birds. Maralee

House Finch

This little house finch has been visiting the feeder in my back yard. There has been a lot of construction work in our area and we hadn't seen very many birds, so it was nice to have this one show up. Maralee  

California: Along the Ocean

We walked along the ocean numerous times while we were staying on the coast. I love the drama of the water crashing against the rocks. These are just a few of the photos I took on one of our walks on the last day we were there. Maralee