Orange Moon

We are still blanketed in smoke due to the wildfires in the area. Yesterday was probably the worst it has been all summer. But late in the evening I could see the moon high in the sky and it was a beautiful orange. Hopefully this smoke will blow out of the area soon and we can all breath again.

Orange Moon
Orange Moon


8 Replies to “Orange Moon”

      1. A few tracks may bring it close to our west and if it goes there, it might hit the other islands (make landfall) but the majority of the tracks have it going to our south and west.

        Even as I hope there’s no big impact, I’m hoping for some nice surf.

  1. We also had the orange moon yesterday. It’s awesome to see but a reminder of what the fire can do, not only to the ground but to the air. We need rain.

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  2. Lovely coloured moon!
    We’ve had lots of smoke here too, though the fires are a whole province away! It looks like the forest management people are beginning to realize that all those years of fire prevention might have created a different problem in the long run.

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