Orange Moon

Orange Moon

We are still blanketed in smoke due to the wildfires in the area. Yesterday was probably the worst it has been all summer. But late in the evening I could see the moon high in the sky and it was a beautiful orange. Hopefully this smoke will blow out of the area soon and we …

Smokey Sunset

Some of the smoke from the fires in Northern California has drifted up to us which makes for poor air quality. It also makes for some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. This photo was taken near my home last evening. Maralee

Surrounded by Fires

We are still living in very smokey conditions where it is unhealthy to be outdoors too much. We are surrounded by fires so no matter which direction the wind is blowing, we get smoke. This photo of the sun was taken at about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. This is just as it came out of the …

Another Smokey Sunset 

We've had a lot of smoke in the area recently. Unhealthy amounts. It has cleared a bit over us but it's still wuite thick over the mountains. I was able to go for a short walk right about sunset. It sure was pretty.