Orange Moon

Orange Moon

We are still blanketed in smoke due to the wildfires in the area. Yesterday was probably the worst it has been all summer. But late in the evening I could see the moon high in the sky and it was a beautiful orange. Hopefully this smoke will blow out of the area soon and we …

Shevlin Park

It has been very hot here recently (it hit 99 degrees yesterday) which make it impossible for me to go for my lunch hour walks. So last evening I went to Shevlin Park knowing that it would be cooler in the shade of the trees. It was still quite warm but much more comfortable. I …

Solar Eclipse

This morning we watched the solar eclipse at a friend's house. We were at 99.8% totality, so it did not get completely dark, but it was amazing how dark it got and how cool it got. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees during the darkest part of the eclipse. I didn't have a solar filter …

Full Snow Moon and Sunset

Last night was the full snow moon and since it was the first time we've seen the full moon in several months, I forced myself to go and photograph it. It was a beautiful, but chilly evening. On one side we had the beautiful moon rise, and on the other side a fiery sunset. Maralee

Lunar Eclipse

I took a few photos of the lunar eclipse last night. By the time the moon rose, it was already almost in full eclipse. Because it was still fairly light out, I didn't get the full effect of the blood moon until it was quite a bit higher in the sky. Maralee