First Attempt at Time Lapse

I’ve been curious about doing some time-lapse photography but have always felt a little intimidated by the process. Yesterday I took the plunge. I decided to use a series of photos from a star trails photo shoot I did last year at Sparks Lake. I had 126 sequential photos so I knew it would be a very short time-lapse.

I looked into various tutorials and apps to accomplish my project. Someone suggested LRTimelapse which incorporates Lightroom but it looked a bit complicated. We have Final Cut Pro X installed and it looked pretty straight forward. So here is my final 10 second time-lapse.

I hope to do more of this in the future.

14 Replies to “First Attempt at Time Lapse”

  1. Well, it looks as good as I’ve seen. The panning is another dimension to the process but that requires more specialized tripods and tracks.

    I’ll have to give this a try . . . someday . . . in the distant future.

    Looking forward to more of your efforts.

      1. No meaning to intrude, but I actually prefer the occasional streak left by planes as it adds (for me) another dimension to the image (think of them as meteors).

        The cars were also not particularly bothersome but they are less interesting than the celestial show.

  2. First time lapse looks great and more than just encouraging to go again!. We all soon recognise that we do need a greater number of images than we ever anticipate…. the number at times seems never ending. Good luck and have fun. 🙂

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