17 Replies to “A Lot toSay – Day 125 – A Year of Wildlife”

    1. They have a regular pattern. When the male goes off to get food, he screams all the way back to the nest. I can hear him before I can ever see him. The female then goes to the nest, waits for the food, and the takes the food to another perch to eat. They are so interesting to watch.

    1. OR…Perhaps he’s thinking…..it is OK for you, all you have to do is sit on a few eggs whilst I get all the food in…. then when the kids have hatched you leave me to look after them single handed whilst you head of for warmth and peace and quiet 🙂

      1. I’m hoping they have babies. I can’t see into the nest so it’s hard to tell, although Scarlett hasn’t been sitting on the nest for any long periods of time yet. They have been mating regularly though.

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