Frisky – Day 118 – A Year of Wildlife

Rhett was feeling a bit frisky yesterday.  Watching the mating activity of the osprey made me curious so I looked it up. If you’re interested there is a good description of the courting and mating behavior here.

Osprey mating
Osprey mating

Osprey mating

It is interesting watching their behavior. When I first got to the park, both Osprey were in the nest. Rhett flew off and shortly after Scarlett took off and perched on a nearby post. After about 10-15 minutes, I could hear Rhett’s screaming voice as he came back to the next. Scarlett flew back to the nest where Rhett delivered her a fish. She took the fish and went back to her perch and that is when the mating began.

Osprey mating Osprey mating


Hopefully Scarlett will lay eggs soon. It will be hard to tell with the nest so high.


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