Bringing Home the “Bacon” – Day 117 – A Year of Wildlife

As you have probably noticed, my newest obsession is the Osprey pair – Rhett and Scarlett. I went down to the river for a few minutes yesterday to check on them and Scarlett was poised on her post next to the nest.

Osprey with fish
Rhett coming home with a fish.
Osprey with fish
Dropping the fish off at the nest
Osprey with fish
Scarlett brought it over to her observation post
Osprey eating fish
Where she devoured the fish.

A few minutes later, I heard Rhett calling and he soon appeared with a fish in his talons. He dropped the fish off at the nest and Scarlett took it and brought it to her post.

She spent several minutes eating her lunch.

It is exciting to watch the progress of these two.


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