The Heron Stalker

The Heron Stalker. That’s me. I am obsessed with getting a decent photo of a heron. I have seen a few along the river but they are almost always on the other side of the river . . . too far to get a decent photo.

Great Blue Heron and Geese
Great Blue Heron and Geese

This morning I went down to the river hoping to get some sunrise photos. Lo and behold, there was a heron perched on an old tree sticking out of the river. It was the closest I’ve been able to get to a heron. The problem was the sun wasn’t up yet and there was not a lot of light so I had to crank up the ISO in order to get any shots at all. But I sat there on the wet, frozen ground trying to get some decent shots.

In addition, it was about 33 degrees and my fingers were like popsicles – even with gloves on.

I will continue to stalk the herons.


8 Replies to “The Heron Stalker”

  1. I agree . . . for as many as I’ve seen, they are frustratingly difficult to photograph.

    Thill, these aren’t bad. I assume if you have them in the area you’ll eventually catch one in good light and close enough given that you’re stalking them.

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