Hummingbird 12.07.16

It was 6 degrees here last night – way below freezing. I was very afraid that the little hummingbird wouldn’t survive the night of cold. So you can imagine how happy I was to see it arrive at my feeder this morning. I had to change the nectar out a dozen times during the day to keep it from freezing. I’m hoping it will survive the entire winter.


december-06-2016nature1597 december-06-2016nature1598

2 Replies to “Hummingbird 12.07.16”

  1. They go into a type of hibernation at night, lowering their body temp. It gets cold here too, but not as cold as where you are, so I hope she survives. Be sure to up the sugar content in the food so she gets more bang for less energy output. You also might want to consider setting out a warming station. I did it with a box and some Christmas lights. Hope your little friend makes it. 🙂

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