Hummingbird 12.05.16

It’s December 5th, it’s 25 degrees outside, and this little hummingbird is still showing up at my feeder. I’ve had to thaw the nectar in the morning as it has frozen overnight. I worry about this little guy. I hope it has found a warm place to nest because it’s just going to get colder.


december-04-2016nature1451 december-04-2016nature1454

4 Replies to “Hummingbird 12.05.16”

  1. They can survive that kind of weather, but they do need fuel . . . I used to bring in the feeders at night and have them out there a half hour before dawn again, making sure they have food right when they wake up from their torpor (when they need it most).

    There are a number of articles on overwintering hummers that give hints as far as what to do to help.

    Here are some: (more relevant for the Eastern part of the country)

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