One Eagle, Two Eagles

We went out to photograph the eagle again one night this week.  When we got there, it was perched on top of one of the trees surrounding the pond.  Within about 10 minutes, I was excited to see its mate make a couple of swoops through the area and then land on the tree with its mate. Eagles mate for life and this couple sat atop the tree for about 45 minutes before on of them moved to another tree.

As is true in many other bird species, the female eagle is larger than the male eagle.  From what the park caretakers told us, this couple has a youngster in a nest somewhere nearby.

I was able to test out a Sigma 150-500mm lens on these birds and I love, love, love the lens.  I can’t wait to go back and take more photos.


Eagle-3888June 24, 2015Eagle-3896June 24, 2015Eagle-3907June 24, 2015

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