More Christmas Cactus Blooms

Christmas Cactus

I'm getting more blooms on my Christmas Cactus. At the rate they're starting to bloom, I may have flowers for the next 6 months. So, which do you prefer . . . white background or black background? Maralee

Late Afternoon

Yesterday, we photographed a property that had a lovely pond near the entrance to the property. It was late afternoon and there was beautiful light coming through. If I lived on this property, I'd be sitting down by this pond all day. Maralee

Sparks Lake Sunset

Our Saturday excursion to Sparks Lake for star trails photography started earlier in the evening for the sunset. The sunset wasn't particularly dramatic without any clouds in the sky. The red-orange color in the background is smoke from a wildfire off in the distance. But there were people out in their canoes and kayaks enjoying …


I captured this reflection of a tree overhanging the Deschutes River on a walk along the river yesterday. It reminded me of a painting. Maralee