This eagle flew right over our head - so close I couldn't get it all into my frame with my telephoto lens. Maralee    

Harassed Eagle

This eagle was being harassed by a much smaller bird. The little bird showed no fear in following the eagle everywhere. It was dusk and the quality isn't what I'd like it to be, but it does show the interaction of the birds. Maralee

Eagle and Ducks

I photographed this eagle flying over the Deschutes River. I didn't notice the flying ducks in the background until I downloaded the photos. Maralee

Eagle Fly-By

There is an area on the river where the ducks like to congregate.  A boardwalk allows people to walk out into the river and watch the ducks. Friday afternoon there must have been 100 or more ducks in that area. As I was watching them, they suddenly started quacking and getting very agitated. I looked …

Eagle Redux

I wanted to do something with one of the eagle photos I took last summer and decided to try to make a portrait out of one of them. Here is the result. Maralee