Eagle Fly-By

There is an area on the river where the ducks like to congregate.  A boardwalk allows people to walk out into the river and watch the ducks. Friday afternoon there must have been 100 or more ducks in that area. As I was watching them, they suddenly started quacking and getting very agitated. I looked up and there was an eagle flying low over them. The eagle circled around and did another fly-by and I was able to get a few shots of it. I was excited . . . but probably not as excited as the ducks were. And for different reasons.


Cats-8142January 15, 2016 Cats-8143January 15, 2016 Cats-8144January 15, 2016 Cats-8145January 15, 2016 Cats-8146January 15, 2016 Cats-8147January 15, 2016 Cats-8148January 15, 2016 Cats-8149January 15, 2016 Cats-8150January 15, 2016 Cats-8151January 15, 2016 Cats-8178January 15, 2016-2

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