Day 239 and 240 – Portland

Portland Skyline
Portland Skyline

I’ve been away from my post for a couple of days due to an overnight trip to Portland on Sunday.  I thought I would have ample opportunity to take photos both days we were there, but that wasn’t the case.  But I did take my daily photo each day.  I’m cheating a little bit and combining the two days into one post.

Portland is a very interesting city.  I would love to spend several day there to just walk around and take photos.  It’s a city that invites walking.  We had dinner at a small restaurant in town and I noticed a bicycle “sculpture” on the corner.  It was made up entirely of small children’s bicycles.


We had a little time to stop at a lavender farm in Hood River.  It was a small farm, but still a very pretty setting.  If it had been a clear day, Mt. Hood would have stood out much clearer in the background.  But as it was, there was a blanket of smoke covering most of Oregon over the weekend.

Lavender Farm
Lavender Farm


10 Replies to “Day 239 and 240 – Portland”

  1. Great shots …. the skyliner is really good …. my pick must be the golden bike against that dramatic sky – wonderful … the lavender I can smell all the way over here.

      1. Yes, I love it too – soporific – I have a very tiny pillow with lavender inside one of my pillowcases – it make me sleep so good. I started with after my cancer treatments, I had problems with me sleep for a couple of months and I got the little pillow over internet and it works wonders.

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