Day 181 – Weeds

Weed Version 1
Weed Version 1

We have a weed in our garden and I’m not quite sure what it is.

Same weed, different focus
Same weed, different focus

The seeds look a lot like a dandelion, but about four times larger.  I went out to take photos of them before I pull them out of the ground.  I used my macro lens with the focus on different parts of the week.  Same weed – different perspectives.

Same weed, different angle
Same weed, different angle


12 Replies to “Day 181 – Weeds”

      1. The fire is still going, but it seems a lot less “end-of-the-world-ish” than a few days ago. The weather is a little better, and containment as of this morning was at 30%.

        346 homes were burned, and more were damaged. They have found two bodies, and a few more people are missing (although it’s hard to know if they left or were lost in the fires).

        Based on where the fire is now, and the weather forecast, we should not be in any danger unless there are some new fires. The conditions are still very dry, and thunderstorms here produce lots of lightning with not that much rain. That could cause other fires.

        We’ll see. Thanks for asking; I’ll probably do an update on the blog either today or tomorrow.

  1. This reminds me of the caterpillar photos…something we take for granted everyday but really has it’s own unique, structure, pattern and beauty. I’m sure there is an analogy to life in there somewhere…

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