Day 62 – Still Waiting for Spring


The snow system has passed and the weather is warming again.  I tramped though the snow today looking for more signs of spring.  I didn’t find too many.  I know they’re out there though.  Mostly what I found was dead foliage from last fall.  It’s still has its own beauty though.   It’s supposed to get close to 60 degrees this weekend, so I know spring will arrive . . . eventually.


7 Replies to “Day 62 – Still Waiting for Spring”

  1. That first shot is very interesting . . . do you know what those are?

    The second one reminds me of many a sci-fi movies, where the alien decides it’s time to snack on some humans.

    1. The first one is a “hen and chick” plant. We planted a couple of them about 8 years ago and they have populated an entire area of our garden, which is fine with us because it was just a pile of rocks at one time. They will develop a flower in the spring that last for a few weeks.

  2. We really are at the teetering between spring and winter time of year, aren’t we? I’m anxious for some green. I like the first shot…some kind of succulent?

  3. Really like the top shot … because it has promises in it … that it will be Spring = green. The buds or what ever it’s – looks like they just had short peak above the – just looking around to see how long it’s left! Have a great weekend.

    1. The top photo is what we call a “hen and chick”. We don’t get a lot of moisture here so we have to have plants that don’t require a lot of water. These are great. They have overtaken a rock garden area which is fine with me. They will produce a flower in the spring.

  4. I particularly love the first photo. We don’t see things like that around here. Spring will come. I know I would be a little impatient too, but the snow is lovely.

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