First Snow

Returning from Montreal we went from unseasonably high temperatures in Canada (mid-80's) to unseasonably low in Oregon (upper 40's). It was overcast the first few days back but when the skies cleared there was a new blanket of snow over the mountains. It has since warmed up a bit and much of the snow has …

Home on the Range

Last weekend we made a trip through eastern Oregon to Vale and Ontario.  This area is truly "high desert" and has its own, unique beauty. We saw lots of eagles. We didn't have much time to spend stopping for photos on the way to Ontario, and taking photos at 65 mph is not easy. But …


This waterfall is a part of the complex where I live. A couple of weeks ago it was covered in snow and you could barely see the water. Now the snow has receded a bit and we can finally see the water. Maralee

Berries on Snow

Today we have rain. And what do snow + rain add up to?  Ice. We have some very icy roads today which makes driving rather treacherous. I am so ready for spring. These photos were taken last week when the snow had stopped and the sun was shining, and it was a winter wonderland. Maralee