Winter Wonderland

After last week's record snowfall, we are now "blessed" with freezing fog. While it is beautiful and becomes a winter wonderland, enough is enough. Bring on spring. Maralee

Snow Day

Winter has arrived. It started snowing yesterday and hasn't stopped. This morning I woke up to almost a foot of snow on the ground and spent and hour trying to dig out. It's still snowing so I think I'll be going out to shovel snow several times today just to keep up with it. Maralee

First Snow

Returning from Montreal we went from unseasonably high temperatures in Canada (mid-80's) to unseasonably low in Oregon (upper 40's). It was overcast the first few days back but when the skies cleared there was a new blanket of snow over the mountains. It has since warmed up a bit and much of the snow has …