The osprey nest is empty.

We don’t know what happened but there is no life in the nest. Saturday night mom and both chicks were there. The chicks were growing and thriving. Sunday morning they were gone.

Did they fall out of the nest? My friend searched around the bottom of the tree and found nothing.

Were they taken by a predator, maybe a great horned owl, during the night. That is certainly a possibility but both of them? And wouldn’t mom have created some commotion trying to save them? My friends didn’t hear anything.

Both mom and dad were at the nest Sunday morning “chatting” and then left the nest.uWe will never know exactly what happened by my heart is broken.

9 Replies to “Heartbroken”

  1. Sad news indeed.

    Reminiscent of last year when I was following the nest and chicks of a pair of cardinals in one of my shrubs . . . only to one day find it in shambles and no sign of the chicks.

    Nature is uncaring, to be sure.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. I was enjoying watching the babies grow. I wonder if the parents could have tried to move the babies.

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