A Preview

If you have followed this blog, you know how much I love the raptors. Owls in particular. But they are very difficult to find and photograph. So I was thrilled when I was out walking last evening and a woman who saw me with my camera and long lens told me she had heard what sounded like baby owls or eagles high on some rocks nearby. She thought I might be able to see them with my long lens.

I heard them before I saw them . . . two little (maybe not so little anymore) owlets perched high above me on a rock ledge.  I took a number of photos but for now this is the only one I’m going to post.

For the protection of the little ones, I’m keeping them in “witness protection” and not disclosing their location until they fledge. I don’t want them to be bombarded by others bothering them. I especially don’t want anyone flying a drone near them which happened at an osprey nest last year.

So more photos to come.

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