Unusual Mallard

I first saw this mallard a year ago and wasn’t sure what it was. I doesn’t have the coloring of a mallard – in fact, it doesn’t have much coloring at all. It hangs around with other mallards in the area. This time it came out of the water and walked right up to me. It was almost too close to get a clear shot with my long lens.

White Mallard
White Mallard

White Mallard


7 Replies to “Unusual Mallard”

  1. It looks like a lighter brown version which, according to the description of the species, is not all that unusual as they have a lot of variation. I can still see the white plumage of the tail and the dark blue on the side, so I assume it’s just genetic variation.

  2. She’s a very pretty girl. We have many mallards that come and go from out pond every year. I have never seen one with this coloration.

    Kind regards, Shari

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