A Year of Wildlife – Day 14 – A Kingfisher Fishing

When I started the 365 wildlife project, I knew there would be days when I couldn’t get a decent shot. This was one of them.

Bird in the tree. Focal length 150mm
Focal length 150mm

I happened to see a kingfisher fly across the river into a bush and when I looked through my telephone lens I could see that he had a fish in his mouth. I had several problems with getting a shot. 1. the bird is small and it was WAAAAAY across the river in a tree; 2. I didn’t have my tripod with me because I’m trying to practice handholding my camera with the big, heavy 500mm lens; and 3. It was later in the day with the sun starting to go down and the lighting wasn’t very good.

Bird in tree. Focal length 500mm
Focal length 500mm

I have 2 photos showing different focal lengths so you can see what it looked like. And then a heavily cropped photo of the bird. So, although it is not a great shot you can still tell it is a kingfisher with a fish in its mouth.

Kingfisher with fish
Kingfisher with fish

6 Replies to “A Year of Wildlife – Day 14 – A Kingfisher Fishing”

  1. How exciting to see one eating and have it sit still long enough for you to make an image of it.
    They’re so darn skittish and fast!

    I myself have been struggling these last two winters trying to hand-hold my 200-500mm lens. I’m very discouraged at the moment about it. My keeper rate is way down. I have a trip this summer planned and need a telephoto lens, but there’s no way I can shoot hand-held on horseback with this lens.

    I’m seriously considering another rig/brand and will be renting it to see if I can hand-hold it and not lose IQ.

    I hope you’re able to build up the strength to hand-hold the lens/rig.

      1. There’s not a VR = image stabilization that can handle how much I wobble trying to hold up the D810 and 200-500mm lens!
        Breathing techniques, nor proper body position are helping me as much as I need it to. The lens is just too heavy for me I fear. 😦

      2. The weight restrictions are limiting. For our safari, we are going with a company that does photo expeditions and we can rent our equipment directly from them . . . which is what I’m going to do. I think we can only bring a total of 33 pounds in a soft bag with no wheels.

    1. I’m planning a photo safari in Africa and will be renting my equipment. They recommended an 80-400mm lens because the 150-500 is so heavy. I think renting equipment to try it out is a good idea before spending a lot of money on a new lens.

      1. Before buying a new lens I have rented them…well most of them. I didn’t rent the 18-200mm first and I really wish I had. I probably would have skipped that purchase if I had. I sold that lens.

        The 80-400mm is a bit over pound less weight than my 200-500mm. I’ve heard that 150-500mm is pretty heavy too.
        The weight restrictions for those inter-region flights are as strict as my weight restriction for the horseback camping trip I’m doing this summer. So, we’ll both be packing, repacking in our heads, and planning for months to be able to have all we need and meet those restrictions. 🙂

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