In Search of Pelicans

We just returned from a vacation with family in Southern California. I like to try to photograph birds that I don’t normally see here in Oregon. So on a day-trip to Newport Beach I went hunting for brown pelicans. I was told there were pelicans everywhere.

Pelicans flying overhead.
Pelicans flying overhead.

I saw a group flying overhead and got a couple of shots from a distance. One person told us to go to Back Bay Drive where there were a lot of birds. We did see a lot of birds (again quite a distance away), but no pelicans.

A single pelican. This was the closest I could get.
A single pelican. This was the closest I could get.

At lunch another couple told us to go to the Balboa peninsula – they had seen a lot of pelicans there the day before. There were some out on a rigging in the middle of the bay but again, too far to get a decent shot. So, these are the best I could get.



5 Replies to “In Search of Pelicans”

  1. Pretty neat! I’m surprised you don’t see these up in OR. I thought they were all up and down the Pacific Coast.

    We have plenty of Brown Pelicans in Santa Cruz, and San Francisco around the bay. Come here next time. 🙂

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