The Hummingbird and Dragon Fly

Due to the amount of smoke in the air, we have had to stay indoors this holiday weekend. The air quality is at the “hazardous” level so we are advised not to go outdoors unless absolutely necessary. So I’ve been taking my hummingbird photos through the window.

Hummingbird at Feeder Hummingbird at Feeder

It was difficult to get a clear shot of the dragonfly from indoors but I tried.


I’m hoping the wind will change directions this week and blow the smoke away from us.



7 Replies to “The Hummingbird and Dragon Fly”

  1. Wonderful images, Maralee – I would not even have known that they were taken through the window!
    I also spare a thought for the wildlife that does not have the option of staying indoors to avoid the smoke hazard.

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