Smokey Sunset #2

Last night I went back to the canal armed with my Nikon to take photos of the sun setting in the band of smoke. It didn’t disappoint. The sun was a red ball setting behind the smoke. The fire has grown in size and people’s homes are in danger. The smoke is blanketing the city making it hard to breath outdoors. Getting my daily walk is out of the question so I’m relegated to the treadmill at the gym. Hopefully the fire will be contained soon and the smoke will clear.


Red Sun
Red Sun
Sun setting behind smoke bank
Sun setting behind smoke bank

Sun setting behind smoke bank

11 Replies to “Smokey Sunset #2”

      1. I got my days mixed up, haha. I thought today was Sunday. I didn’t know it was in the morning though!

        I’ve been hearing rumours that you shouldn’t look at the eclipse through camera lenses. And that we can hurt our eyes etc.

  1. Really nice shots! We had terrible smoke in Seattle for two weeks from the BC fires. So glad it’s gone now!

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