Smokey Skies

We have a lot of wild fires in the region which has resulted in a lot of smoke in our skies. This was from a walk in the evening last night once it cooled down enough to get out and walk.  The smoke has obliterated the view of the mountains. The excessive heat and dry conditions are not helping the fire situation.


Smoke from Wildfires
Smoke in the Sky

4 Replies to “Smokey Skies”

  1. I meant to ask you about the heat. I’ve been looking at temps around the country and your area looks brutal these days.

    And, yeah, the smoke was always a problem in Colorado as well.

    1. It’s pretty hot . . . hovering around 100 here. But the valley is having even hotter temps. It was 114 in Medford yesterday. It’s just so dry that its a tinder box. There was a fire about 75 miles east of us that went from 2,000 acres to 30,000 acres in just a few hours.

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