It has been a while since I posted a photo of our office kitty, Miranda. She is alive and well and living the good life. This is her new favorite place to relax. Maralee

Self Portrait


We had some great shadows just before sunset a couple of nights ago and they made for a wonderful self-portrait. Maralee

Colorful Dusk

Colors on the horizon

We went out last night to practice flying our new drone at sunset. The sunset was a bit underwhelming but when I turned around to get ready to leave, the colors of the sky behind us were incredible. I hadn't brought my Nikon with me so I had to settle for using my iPhone. The …

Miranda Friday

Miranda in her hiding spot

Miranda is a bit of a scaredy-cat. She doesn't like dogs, loud noises, or sudden movements. Her favorite place to hide is one of our supply cabinets. Wednesday we had a dog visiting the office for the day and Miranda spent most of the day in her favorite hiding spot. I was able to get …