Did I Mention We Have a Lot of Snow?

Another snowstorm came through yesterday dumping even more snow on us. The snow berms are getting too high for me to shovel snow over them. We were out shoveling four times yesterday and we’ll probably have to do the same today, because it’s snowing again. We did go for a walk during the storm and I have to admit it was beautiful out there.


I hope there aren’t any fires for a while.

january-07-2017nature2971 january-07-2017nature2981 january-07-2017nature2988 january-07-2017nature3001 january-07-2017nature3004 january-07-2017nature3006_7_8 january-07-2017nature3009_10_11

5 Replies to “Did I Mention We Have a Lot of Snow?”

  1. Great photographs dear Maralee, fascinated me. Thank you, by the way I should say this,maybe noticed I changed my blog to private and I sent invitations to you too but I think you missed them all. But be sure I would like to see you in my blog I don’t want you to think of opposite of this dear Maralee, so if you wish to visit you can make request. Thank you and sorry for this. Love, nia

  2. Nearly mid January and we are getting our first forecast of ‘possible’ snow for the end of this week….and even that is not guaranteed. So we wait and see IF we are going to get a real winter or pass straight onto spring 🙂

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