My little hummingbird didn’t show up at the feeder today. It has been there every day for weeks now and I missed it. I am going to believe it decided it was time to fly south for the winter (after all yesterday was the first day of winter). It was at the feeder almost all day yesterday – up until the time I left work – stocking up on fuel for its journey. We have had milder weather and clear skies so I believe it felt the timing was right. I read where hummingbirds have been known to fly 450 miles non-stop so it could very well be in California today. So those of you in California, keep an eye out for it.


december-19-2016nature2560 december-21-2016nature2608 december-21-2016nature2610 december-21-2016nature2626

8 Replies to “Migration?”

  1. not sure,but I think this is a female Anna’s & they come north during the winter time.Check your feeder for black mould on the inside of the flowerettes.I use a old tooth brush.What was your focal length btw? Great shots!

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