Winter Wonderland

While the record snowfall we just had this week snarled traffic, closed businesses, and required a lot of shoveling, it did give us a winter wonderland. I took a walk before sunset last night to take some photos of the gorgeous snow. It is bitterly cold though. Right now it is -2 degrees Fahrenheit (-19 Celsius). That’s a bit colder than I like it to be. The good news is the sun is shining and it is beautiful outside.


december-15-2016nature2424_5_6december-15-2016nature2427_8_9 december-15-2016nature2451_2_3december-16-2016nature2499_500_501-2


9 Replies to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Not even a frost here as yet. Been a strange year – October record high temperatures, November Record Highs and now December going the same way with daily record highs. None of us like the disabling effect the snow can have but in small doses its magic. Will we get a winter I really don’t know… it is nice to be kept in reality with your snowy images 🙂

    1. We had an unusually warm November. The weather here really varies. Yesterday it was 46 degrees Fahrenheit and we had some rain so a lot of the snow was melted. There’s still plenty of snow but not as much as last week. Overnight the temperature got down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Crazy weather.

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