The Perils of Photography

The lexical meaning of graceful is not an accurate description of me. I’m more in the realm of  Klutz (a person who often drops things, falls down, etc. ).
To this day, my husband still “hoots with laughter” as he recalls years ago we were talking while walking somewhere.  He would glance in my direction, but I was no longer next to him. Suddenly the sign post he just passed loudly reverberated after I ran into it. FYI, falling in the middle of an intersection, or tripping over nothing is more common and most comical. It is also embarrassing. I attribute my klutziness to the fact that I’m not paying attention to where I’m going – I’m watching the birds in the sky, the flowers along the sidewalk, or watching some idiot doing something stupid. After all, I’m constantly looking for the Kodak moment.
This brings us to yesterday.
I was taking my daily walk along the river stalking looking for my favorite heron who is usually at her favorite spot. When I arrived she was not there but on a branch nearby.  I swiftly moved, all the while, bobbing and weaving trying to get a clear photo (it didn’t happen). I fired few shots before it flew off down the river. Determined to get more frames, I attempted to follow her down the river. The Klutz God was not far behind me. In tandem, we followed.
I whispered, “Stop heron. Give me a few …” My thoughts froze.
My mind kicked into slow motion as the Klutz God’s shadow enveloped me.  My foot stepped on a tiny rock, my ankle twisted, my arm swung in a circular motion; the other arm cradled my camera, while my body heaved forward.
“Protect camera at all cost, ” instinctively became the  order as a mother would sacrifice herself to protecting her young.
As a result, I didn’t use my hands to break the fall and landed directly on my side. While I didn’t quite knock the wind out of me my breathing wasn’t quite normal. I quickly looked around me to make sure no one had seen my ungraceful fall. I got up and started the long walk back to my car.
Have I learned my lesson? Probably not. Mother nature still screams at me to watch her birds, trees, and  flowers.
By the way, the “heron” that I saw yesterday was not actually a heron. This one was pure white and I’m quite sure it was a great egret (or white heron).  I’m not sure who she was since I only got a nano glimpse during the entire ordeal. My concerns were centered around my camera for damages and dusting off my work clothes. And also, I was trying to impress others; who may have seen me on the ground, that this was my usual method of shooting.october-31-2016nature374 october-31-2016nature373 october-31-2016nature370
My worried husband asked on the phone if he should take me to the ER. I described my injuries; the conversation went silent. I said, “You are not allowed to go there …” We both laughed as the Klutz God roosted on a high tree limb above my office waiting for my next fall. THE SAGA CONTINUES.




14 Replies to “The Perils of Photography”

  1. Oh I’ve had those falls and just like you my foremost thought was “protect thy camera at all costs!” And I do. I’ve learned somehow to not only see my surroundings but also scan for danger ei. thorns, rocks, twigs, holes. I do not succeed 100% but I am getting better. Not long ago I was so determined to get to the perfect place and angle to get a shot, that I walked through thorns, not really registering the ouch until after the shot when blood began to run down my leg. Yes, oh yes I totally get it. I’d much rather be looking up and around then down but I’m learning to do both. It’s called expanded vision. See if you can do it. It’s a method of softening the gaze while taking in the whole picture …. ground, sky, and surroundings. Like I said I am not perfect at this yet. LOL Good luck!!! ❤

  2. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who laughs first and only then asks whether the person that fell is OK and needs a hand to get up, so apologies upfront for getting a smile on my face reading about your expedition, Maralee. Luckily I trip just as often, and then laugh at myself along with anyone else who witnessed it, so hopefully I’m all square with the universe…

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