Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel

I believe this is a Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel. Initially I thought it was a chipmunk, but when researching it, it doesn’t have the striping on the face like a chipmunk. The closest I came was the Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel. I used this website to identify it (click here).

In Oregon, this ground squirrel can be found on east slope of the Cascade Range (which is where we are) and most of central Oregon, and the Siskiyou mountain, Wallowa Mountains, on Steens Mountain and southeastward south of Huntington, Baker County.

The Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel is active diurnally from late winter-early spring to mid autumn. Most of its activity is confined to the ground where it travels rapidly among stumps, logs, or other slightly elevated prominences. In late summer it is highly visible as it scurries about gleaning seeds.


nature5217september-20-2016 nature5219september-20-2016

5 Replies to “Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel”

  1. Really nice photos and you’re right about the ID. Our family camped a lot so I learned to tell the difference fairly young. Chipmunks tend to be smaller also.

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