Hawk Flight Sequence

Wednesday evening, while waiting for the moon to rise, I wandered around listening to the sounds of nature around me. I heard a hawk  “talking” to another hawk in the distance. A short time later, one of the hawks flew over and landed in a tree nearby. I located it among the branches and then waited for it to take off. It didn’t take long before it took off, presumably to meet up with the other hawk. I captured a short sequence of the hawk’s flight.

The lighting was beautiful. It was just before the sun went down and there was a golden light covering everything. It was a perfect moment.


Nature4014August 17, 2016Nature4015August 17, 2016Nature4016August 17, 2016Nature4020August 17, 2016 Nature4019August 17, 2016 Nature4018August 17, 2016-2-2 Nature4017August 17, 2016

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