The “Whirr” of Wings

I can usually hear a hummingbird before I see it because of the noise of its wings.  The hummingbird’s wing beat between 15-80 beats per second, depending on the size of the bird. Most of the North American hummingbirds have a wing beat of around 50 beats per second. Their wings beat in a figure-8 motion which allows them to hover and move in both directions.

It is difficult to stop motion of a hummingbirds wings. I like the blur of the wings – it shows movement.

Here are a few photos of a hummingbird hovering.


Nature-2536July 02, 2016 Nature-2537July 02, 2016 Nature-2538July 02, 2016 Nature-2540July 02, 2016 Nature-2543July 02, 2016


14 Replies to “The “Whirr” of Wings”

  1. Wow . . . I didn’t know they now allow embedding of photos in other people’s comments. They use to forbid that to stop abusive posts. Not sure I like this.

  2. Do you know how long I just stared at your images in awe? OMG!!! Utterly magical!! These little creatures are so beautiful and to be able to see one up close like this just blew my mind. Thank you SO much!!! ❤

      1. I have a bird feeder myself and lots of flowers that these tiny birds flit to. I don’t want to break the moment so I never run for my camera. I just sit and watch. I SO appreciate you getting your camera to capture these amazing birds. ❤

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